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What’s Juicin’

Healing You, Protecting the Planet

Satisfied Customers

Thousands of customers have shared their stories of how What’s Juicin’ has contributed to improved health from all areas including digestion, energy, inflammation, skin and more. Our clients report back improved wellbeing, increased energy levels, increased digestion, increased focus and motivation, increased digestion, increased energy levels, and decreased joint pain. They report back getting
losing weigh ,sick less often, losing weight, and getting stronger. It is this type of life changing positive feedback that has made What’s Juicin’ what it is today.

Raw, Organic Juice

Our mission is to improve your life by making it as easy as possible to obtain optimal health in an ecofriendly way. We believe in the power of healing through food, hydration and Eastern medicine, which we bring to you in the form of cold-pressed, raw and organic juice. While the market is saturated with various forms of pasteurized damaged juice, our cold pressed juice is RAW LIVE, made fresh daily, unpasteurized, and has a shelf life that spans up to 7 days. We do not add any water, sugar, or artificial anything to our juice. Just 100% pure RAW veggies, fruits, and herbs

Eco-Friendly Delivery

We are one of the few South Florida companies to deliver col pressed organic juices to doorsteps in Broward, West Palm Beach and Miami-Dade. We make out weekly bottle deliveries and pick-up between Monday night and Tuesday morning. Committed to the planet’s health as well as yours, we sanitize and reuse all bottles to keep them from entering the waste stream.

Superfood for Body & Mind

Our 4-oz. shots ad 13-oz. bottles ensure that your get your daily fruit and-vegie requirements while the unique properties of our super foods and herbs help to address myriad ailments affecting the body and mind. Each of our blend recipes have been carefully researched and adjusted for optimal health benefits..

Our Mission

Spread the Health!

Our business is about educating and helping others get healthy and stay healthy. We strive to educate the community on the power of healing through food and eastern medicine via cold pressed juice. Our personal background with the juice is powerful and has been a life changing journey. We believe in our juice so much, that we want to share it with everyone. We believe in high quality and we do not compromise or take shortcuts. Our personal experience and passion for our product and its ability to help other is what we believe separates our company from others.

Team Section


Tayana Carper

Co-Founder and CEO

Kelly Magrane

Co-Founder and President

Hildy Berger

Wellness Advisor and Customer Relations

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