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Blender, Traditional or Cold Pressed Juicer? Pros & Cons


Blender, Traditional or Cold Pressed Juicer? Pros & Cons

There are so many different juicing methods out there and little available information that explains what the difference is between the methods and which one is best.

The answer: It all depends what you are juicing for! Are you juicing for fiber or for nutrition?

With your blender methods… ie nutri bullet, vitamix, etc… the upside is you are able to keep all of the fiber content of your produce. The down side is that you are immediately damaging your nutrient content. To make it simple, there are 2 main things that damage nutrients: heat and oxygen. So when you put your produce in the blender, that little bit of heat and oxygen created by the spinning blade is significantly damaging the nutrients.

So what’s the better case scenario for nutrient content? Next step up is the traditional juicer. Most people have one stuffed away in their closet. Popular brands are the Champion Juicer, Breville, and Jack LaLane. This type of juicer creates less friction than a blender, however the juicing method is still by way of a blade. That blade unfortunately is damaging the molecular structure. How much is being damaged?

Well, the next step up is the cold pressed juicer. Instead of creating juice by method of a spinning blade, it uses a hydraulic press and 4000 lbs of cold pressure to squeeze the produce. This pressing method leaves little to no room for heat or oxygen and is the absolute best way to avoid damaging the nutrient content.

To demonstrate just how much higher the nutrient level of cold pressed juice is compared to juice from a traditional juicer, the company Good Nature performed laboratory studies on the two different juices. They found two incredible findings.

  1. On day 1, the cold pressed juice was literally 3-5x higher in every nutrient category
  2. The same juice tested on day 4 after being juiced, still maintained the 3-5x higher level of nutrition, whereas the juice from a traditional juicer quickly lost is potency after the first day of being juiced.

This would explain why when you juice with a traditional juicer, you are supposed to drink it right away. You are essentially dealing with nutrients that have already been damaged and degraded and are on the way out.

This is also why cold pressed juice is often referred to as “live juice.” Because the nutrients are not damaged, there are actual live enzymes present in cold pressed juice. It is this “life force” in cold pressed juice that gives it its magic! It is what separates cold pressed juice from everything else that is available to us! It is why cold pressed juice is known for its powerful and miraculous healing powers.

Now, the important thing is, are all cold pressed juices created equally? The answer to that is absolutely not! Has the juice been pasteurized? Is it overly loaded with sugary fruits? There are so many questions to ask. Stay tuned, that will be the topic of our next blog!

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