Beets Are Our INGREDIENT of the WEEK!

Apr 27 , 2021

Tayana Carper

Beets have been used for centuries as a holistic health remedy, and continue to be a staple of juicing for the vitamins and minerals they provide! When juiced RAW, you get the best nutrients out of this root. The component of Beets called betaine helped detoxify and stimulate the liver. Betaines are also good for reducing inflammation. Another place Beets stimulate is the digestive tract, where toxins are broken down and the large intestine is cleared. “Natural Living Ideas” reports that the nitrate level is 20 times higher than other vegetables, which can help with blood flow. Our Beet Tonic mixes RAW, Organic beets with lemon and pineapple, and you’re going to love the flavor! Call us today to add it to your order 954-774-1008.