In this installment of our blog the Adventures of Captain GreenLife continues!

As you know, Captain GreenLife is a superhero who brings cold pressed juice and love to a world thirsting for powerful nutrition and kindness. In today’s episode Captain GreenLife and Amy and Danny meet face to face.

But before Amy and Danny are able to report their discovery to their boss, Sammy Stomach, they find themselves in the presence of Captain Greenlife.

“I am Captain Greenlife, who are you?” said the hero of our story.

“I am Amy and this is my colleague, Danny,” Amy said.

“Yeah,” said Danny, “we kind of run the show around here.”

“That’s not what I heard,” said Captain Greenlife, “I heard you work for Sammy Stomach.”

“Okay, you are right,” said Danny, “but, look, you are going to get us in trouble. What are you doing here? We get paid to keep your kind out of here.”

Captain Greenlife responded with a wide knowing smile, “I’m not here to put your job at risk. In fact, I am here to help save your jobs.”

“I don’t understand”, said Amy, “what do you mean “save our jobs”?”.

Captain Greenlife explained as simply as she knew how, “You, like many others, have been told that I will make your job harder and maybe even get you fired. But that is not true. In fact, you are actually working much harder than you need to be having to process all of those genetically modified, chemically saturated foods and drinks.”

“Really?”, said Danny, “that doesn’t sound quite right. Are you sure about that?”

“I am absolutely certain”, said Captain GreenLife, “now where is this boss of yours I keep hearing about?”

Join us next time to find out what happens when Captain GreenLife and Sammy Stomach finally meet.

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