Captain GreenLife is a superhero who brings cold pressed juice and love to a world thirsting for powerful nutrition and kindness. In today’s episode Captain GreenLife has her first encounter with Sammy Stomach. Our story begins….

All is calm in Sammy Stomach’s land of empty calories and highly processed foods. But it seems that there has been a change of management in the control center and that perceived stillness is about to be shaken.

A digestive enzyme and its acid friend are having their morning coffee. And then….. it happened!

“What was that?”, said Amy (An acid bubble).

“What was what?”, said Danny (a digestive enzyme)

“That wooshing sound”, said Amy.

“Oh that”, said Danny. “It’s probably just another one of those high sugar high caffeine elixirs we get every morning”.

“I don’t think so”, said Amy. “It smells h-h-h-h-healthy”.

“Oh, come on. We’ve had these scares before”, said Danny. “Last time it was a piece of lettuce that somehow attached itself to a donut”.

Amy replied, “Yes, I remember that. Did the guys in the lab ever figure out how that happened?”

“No”, said Danny. “And they were even offered a bonus if they could do it!”

“So, what should we do? This is a lot more than a stray piece of lettuce”, said Amy. “I think we need to report this”.

“Okay”, said Danny, “but the boss is not going to like it!”


Join us next time to find out what happens when Captain GreenLife and Amy and Danny meet face to face. And on behalf of Captain GreenLife and the whole crew here at Unleash Life, we would like to wish you an absolutely fabulous day!

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