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Kelly Magrane

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Co-Founder and President of What's Juicin'

In charge of What’s Juicin’s operations, logistics and customer service, Kelly Magrane leverages her 30-year career at Hewlett Packard where she oversaw the global Customer Service Department in 12 languages.

Juicing has had a major impact on Kelly’s life and health. She was on her way to back surgery when the couple started trying the natural juices. “After years of working at a desk job in corporate America, I had developed excruciating sciatic pain and could barely walk,” she said. “After three different consultations, each doctor recommended surgery as the only option but couldn’t guarantee a fix.”

How Kelly Started Juicing

With a simple purchase of three different ingredients – bitter melon, turmeric, and ginger – Kelly and Tayana changed their lives.
Within weeks of drinking a turmeric-ginger combination, Kelly’s pain went completely away, as did the digestive problems troubling her for some 20 years. “Even my hair had new luster- I regained my curls from my childhood,” she says. “People said I looked radiant.”