What Is Cold Pressed Juice?

What Is Cold Pressed Juice?

What is Cold Pressed Juice? :)

We use 4000 lbs of cold pressure to extract up to 5x more nutrients then a traditional juicer. This cold press process leaves in tact key enzymes and antioxidants creating an end product called RAW LIVE JUICE. This RAW LIVE JUICE maintains its potency for up to 7 days and has incredibly powerful detoxing and healing properties. To preserve those properties, we do not pasteurize or process our juice in any way.


What is Pasteurization? :(

Both traditional heat pasteurization and high pressure pasteurization (HPP or cold pressure pasteurization) damage key antioxidants, nutrients, and enzymes. If you see juice that has a shelf life of longer than 7 days, it has been pasteurized. Our raw juice subscriptions are delivered fresh weekly to your doorstep! 



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