I buy a smoothie at my local juice bar everyday. Why should I order Unleash Life products?
In terms of your time and health needs, Unleash LIFE delivers a far better product. Each week, we deliver 100% raw and cold-pressed superfoods, veggies and herbs right to your doorstep. Think about the time it takes to drive to a juice bar and wait in line once a day… home delivery can save you several hours a week.

What’s more, no other juice bar or bottled juice contains the unique combinations of ingredients that ours do. Using organic produce from local farms, we have created six different juice bundles to address specific healthcare needs.

Your products are healthy…How do they taste?
Our juices are cold, light and refreshing. But because we don’t add sugar, no juice will ever be sweeter than the produce itself. Taken in the morning, they add immediate pep to your step!

I want to feel healthier and need support to stay on track. Will you be my partner?
Absolutely! We are 100% committed to your health and wellbeing. We are available morning, noon and night whenever you need to ask a question or provide feedback. If possible, we’d love to talk with you before your first order to ensure you receive the products that meet your specific needs. We also proactively text and call our customers to ensure they are happy once their order has arrived. Customers can also chat with us on our website and call/text us at 954-774-1008.

What kind of impact do your deliveries have on the environment?
We deliver glass bottles in a reusable tote filled with ice packs to keep the juices cold. When the next week’s delivery comes, we ask that you leave the previous week’s package, including bottles and ice packs, at your door or with your doorman. We sanitize and reuse everything. Nothing goes to waste Whenever possible, leftover produce goes toward composting.

A minimum of $25 a week seems expensive. Why is Unleash LIFE worth the cost?
Eating well is the first and foremost step we can all take to ensure our bodies and minds are healthy. Countless studies show that people with a healthy diet and lifestyle are less likely to become sick. Thus, $25 a week is a small sum to pay compared with hefty medical bills.

What’s more, you could spend much more than $25 a week on organic fruits, vegetables and herbs at the grocery store. But if you don’t take the time to make smoothies and vegetarian meals, the produce will go to waste. When it comes to our healthy ingredients, personalized service and convenience, you will join the many South Floridians who see the value.


Refund/ Cancellation Policy

Once your order processes we order/prep all of the vegetables and fruits to be juiced for the following week. If you cancel after the order processes, we will charge a $5.00 fee to refund your order. (This covers refund transaction fees from our credit card processor) This is for FRIDAY ONLY.  We are not able to refund after Friday.  

How do I start deliveries?
Simply choose whether you’d like to start with a cleanse, bundle, or build your own. Once you order, you’ll receive a call from our staff within 24-48 hours to confirm order and delivery details.You may also place your order over the phone by calling us directly at 954-774-1008
What’s the difference between a cleanse, bundle, and build your own order?
A seasonal cleanse substitutes cold pressed juice for meals throughout the day. We offer cleanses that span between 1-7 days and include choice of 6 13 OZ bottles of juice per day OR 6 – 13 OZ bottles of juice and 2 – 4 OZ double shots per day. Our cleanses are a one time delivery. Our bundles are pre grouped juice blends organized specifically by their nutritional benefits. These groups have been carefully paired together for optimal results. Bundle orders arrive weekly and can be modified or skipped with our easy access text messaging system or your online unleash life online account. Our build your own allows you to choose which shots and or bottles you would like from our full menu to group together for your weekly order. Build your own orders arrive weekly and can be modified with our easy access text messaging system or your online unleash life online account.
Once I place my bundle or build your own weekly order, will I receive the same order every week?
Yes, by default, if you do not request to change or skip the order, you will receive the same order once weekly. However, you will ALWAYS receive a reminder text every Thursday of the week before the order is charged on Fridays. Changes can be made by responding the text or by logging onto your online account.
Can I change my order from week to week?
Yes! Our easy access text communication system allows you to do it through mobile response or online on our unleash LIFE account. The weekly cut off for order changes is Thursday midnight. You will always receive a text message reminder on Thursdays
Is there a cut off time for making order modifications to an upcoming order?
Yes, changes can be made to an upcoming delivery anywhere up to Thursday midnight. Orders are processed and are charged Friday morning. You will always receive an automated text on Thursday as a helpful reminder. If you miss the Thursday cutoff time, please contact us at 954-774-1008 and we will do our best to take care of your request.
Is it better to stay on the same kind of juice blends everyday for my weekly order or better to switch it up?
f you are unfamiliar with drinking the cold pressed ingredients that we use, we typically recommend sticking with the same daily juice line up for at least 3-4 weeks at a time so you can learn to feel the benefits those particular ingredients create for your body. For example, you may find that the turmeric ginger combination gives you the best energy boost. Outside of that, it is good to eventually switch it up and have a variety of nutrients and antioxidants. Please feel free to reach out to us for further guidance 954-774-1008.
When will I receive my first delivery?
If you place your order by Friday you will be added to the upcoming Tuesday or Wednesday overnight delivery. You will receive a call from our Unleash LIFE staff within 24-48 hours of ordering to confirm delivery details. Please reach out to us at 954-774-1008 with any questions or special requests.
How often will I receive deliveries?
If you are ordering a cleanse, it will be a one time delivery (and one time cooler, bottle, ice pack pickup). If you order a bundle or build your own, you will receive a delivery once a week. Upcoming deliveries can be easily skipped or modified through our easy access text messaging system or your online unleash LIFE account.
How do I decide which cleanse, bundle, or build your own order option is right for me?
You can type your specific area of concern into the search bar on our website to view recommended juices, cleanses and bundles, or simply choose from the list in our Shop. We are also happy to educate and assist! If you need more personal help, please contact us here or via phone: 954-774-1008
Is there a contract or starting fee?
There is no contract or starting fee. We simply ask that you hold on to your cooler, ice packs, and glass bottles for pickup return.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes! Refer a friend and get 50% off on your next delivery order as well as 50% off of your friend’s first order. (Does not include cleanse orders)
How do I receive a free double shot every week?
Share a picture with your Unleash LIFE juice on social media and tag us! Facebook @unleashLIFE or instagram @unleashLIFEtoday. We will automatically send an extra double shot your way with your next delivery.
Is there a minimum amount of juice required for me to order?
Yes, we require a minimum order of $25 (not including delivery).
How do I know if I’m picking the right juice combination?
Your body will tell you! We recommend sticking with the same juice combination for a minimum of 3-4 weeks to see how your body does with it. Some experience detox symptoms the first 2-3 weeks of juicing. Others will more immediately notice positive effects of juicing. Everyone is different
What is cold-pressed juice?
Cold-pressed juice is made using a hydraulic press that extracts juice from superfoods, herbs, veggies, and fruits. We directly apply over 4,000 pounds of cold pressure to our organic fruits and vegetables, extracting up to five times more nutrients than a traditional juicer.
Why Cold-Pressed?
The cold-press process leaves intact key enzymes and antioxidants, creating an end product called “raw live juice.” This raw live juice maintains its potency for up to 7 days and has incredibly powerful detoxifying and healing properties. To preserve those properties, we do not pasteurize or process our juice in any way.
How is it different than “other” juices?
1. We use both powerful and unique super foods and herbs. 2. Our ingredients are raw, unpasteurized. Presently, only a very small percent of cold pressed juices sold in the US are unpasteurized. 3. We do not add any sugar, water, or preservatives. Additionally, we use very little fruit in the majority of our blends to keep natural sugar content low.
What is pasteurization? Are Unleash LIFE juices pasteurized?
No, our juices are never pasteurized. There are two main categories of pasteurization: Traditional heat pasteurization and high pressure pasteurization (HPP). Both forms of pasteurization kill living microorganism and are used in order to extend shelf life of the juice. The problem with this is that both bad and good bacteria are killed off, and key antioxidants, nutrients and enzymes are destroyed.
Is it possible to drink too much juice?
Our juice blends are low in fruit. This means that they are low in natural sugar and we never add sugar. However, there is moderation in everything! We don’t recommend drinking multiple juices in one sitting. If you are doing more than one juice a day, for best results, we recommend one at a time spaced out by at least 1-2 hours. Outside of this, we recommend no more than one a day of our beet and bitter melon varieties as they may cause increased bowel movement and cleansing.
What are the benefits of organic ingredients?
Is it important to use organic ingredients in general but when it comes to juicing its extremely important! There is an increasing amount of toxic and poisonous chemicals being used in the farming process. While juicing is amazing because you are able to ingest the nutrition of several pounds of vegetables in one sitting, on the flip side you also have the potential to ingest an incredible amount of toxic chemicals. Studies show that the levels of toxic chemicals are significantly lower in organically grown produce.
How many days is the juice good for?
You will always receive fresh juice with a shelf life of 7 days.
Should I drink the juice on an empty stomach?
Yes, for best absorption of nutrients and best results, it is recommended to drink on an empty stomach
Can I drink my juice as a meal replacement?
Yes, you absolutely can! Our 13 Oz bottles are PACKED with nutrients as they are made with up to two pounds of raw produce.
Where can I find more specific nutritional information on the juices?
Please contact us at info@unleashlifetoday.com or 954-774-1008 for an emailed PDF of estimated nutrition facts.
Is it normal for the juice color to separate?
Yes, absolutely. Because we do not process our juice or add any preservatives, you will see the difference ingredients of the juice separating out within the bottle. This is completely normal.
How do I maximize the shelf life and potency of my juice?
To obtain maximum potency: Drink juice in one sitting rather than storing in refrigerator half empty. Also, make sure to always keep the juice refrigerated and out of the sun.
Are all of your ingredients organic?
Yes, with the exception of our pineapple, turmeric, and bitter melon which are all non-gmo.
Are your juice blends vegan or gluten free?
Yes, all of our juice blends are both vegan and gluten free.
What is your delivery range?
We offer weekly doorstep delivery to roughly a 40-mile radius around Fort Lauderdale. Miami Beach, Delray, Weston, Plantation, Sunrise, Parkland, Coral Springs, West Palm Beach are all included. We also offer cold shipment via UPS to 28 different states along the eastern half of the United States. These states include: LA, AR, MS, IL, IN, MI, OH, PA, NY, MA, PA, VT, ME, NH, RI, CT, NJ, DE, MD, WV, KY, VA, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, FL.
What time do you deliver?
Local Florida deliveries take place between 7pm-3am Tuesday and Wednesday. The delivery is left in a cooler with ice packs to keep cool until the morning. Check your front doorstep Wednesday or Thursday morning. In addition, We offer daytime Wednesday deliveries for orders in Fort Lauderdale upon special request.
Can I receive my delivery at a specific time?
We generally cannot guarantee a specific time of delivery. However, if you have a delivery time request due to condo security restrictions etc. please let us know via call or text 954-774-1008 and often we can accommodate.
What do I do with the cooler, ice packs, and glass bottles that I receive?
Please hang on to them! We will always pick them up from your doorstep with your next delivery. You will receive an automated text every Monday as a friendly reminder.
What happens if I forget to leave my cooler bag of returns outside for pickup?
No problem, we will pick it up with your following delivery. If you do forget more than one week in a row, someone from our team will call as a friendly reminder.
Who can I contact if I receive an incorrect order or have a question concerning my delivery?
Please immediately let us know of any concerns via text or phone call at 954-774-1008. We take pride in our excellent customer service and are happy to take care of any concerns hassle free..
Is there a delivery charge?
Yes, we have a “delivered fresh” charge of $5.99.This ensures a fresh made to order delivery to your doorstep overnight in an Unleash LIFE cooler packed with ice packs. For orders outside of our 40 mile delivery range, shipping is charged at the current carrier rate for expedited delivery to your destination. Exact charges are available during the checkout process.