How does What’s Juicin’

Weekly cold pressed juice delivery work?

Build your juice week.

Add to your cart the juice options you’d like to order for your first delivery ($30 minimum) and select the option “subscribe and save.” Each of our juices are made to order fresh with a 7-day shelf life.

Ordering is easy.

Orders placed by midnight Sunday will be delivered Tuesday or Wednesday night based on zip code between 8 PM – 2 AM and left at your doorstep in a cooler with ice packs. You will be contacted by the What’s Juicin’ team via phone to confirm your delivery start date.

NO contracts involved.

NO contracts involved. Your order can be changed or skipped weekly. Our convenient messaging system reminds you via text every Thursday before the weekly cutoff to make changes. Simply text us back or log in to our website to modify, pause, or cancel your weekly juice order.

Keep your bottles and cooler.

Be sure to hang on to your What’s Juicin’ cooler, glass bottles and ice packs as we will pick them up in the future for recycle and reuse.
Start Juicin’! See for yourself why What’s Juicin’ cold pressed juice is changing lives. (Services We Provides)

Please call with any
additional questions.

We are happy to help you navigate our menu and choose which juice
may be best for you!

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Tayana Carper

Wellness Advisor and co-founder

Kelly Magrane

Wellness Advisor and co-founder

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This could be you!

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