“One of the biggest challenges of the season is overcoming injuries… the first few months of the season, everything is good, but then your body starts to hurt, and you get tired. I think this juice really helps combat that…”

Kiko Alonso, NFL Linebacker of the Miami Dolphins
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Anti-Aging and Skin Care
“Recently, I have seriously been focusing on making sure I get in all of my daily nutrients through REAL fruits and vegetables. I rarely have time to sit down and eat EVERYTHING I should, so juicing is the way to go. I have a juicer at my house, but the cold pressed method is even better. Unleash LIFE’s Turmeric and Ginger is my go to shot every morning. My skin, nails and hair are brighter. My joints feel better and overall gut health has improved. I highly recommend giving these juices a try if you haven’t already. I recommend Unleash LIFE juices to ALL of my clients. “

Lacie Smith, President of Lacie Fit Personal Training Corp., Fort Lauderdale, FL

“As I turned 46 I couldn’t help but notice how stiff I was in the morning when my feet hit the floor. It was as if Rigamortis set in over night. Just a week after drinking my morning Turmeric Ginger shot from Unleash LIFE and I am back to my youthful self!” We’re so glad to hear!!!

“It’s going wonderful! I’m hooked! My skin is literally glowing!”

Danielle Sayers, Pompano Beach

“Where to start…Well I guess I’ll give you all a little background about myself… I am a 26 year old female that has been struggling with cystic acne since I was 14. I have tried EVERYTHING to cure, heal and prevent my acne from getting worse. But of course, it got progressively worse over the years. I’ve spent so much money on dermatologists, prescriptions (that never worked, or just gave me temporary fixes, but never cured what was going on inside my body). I have tried nearly every myth or remedy you could possibly think of. Nothing ever worked. I came to accept the fact that it was just genetics. Bad skin runs in my family and I gave up on all hope of ever having nice skin… and then I met T. One of the owners of unleash life, who struggled with the same problem. She started to educate me and tell me how and why and how tumeric worked for her skin. Of course I was apprehensive as to whether it would work for me or not. I decided to give it a try. After all, I had nothing to loose. I started off on the tumeric ginger shots (which is the best for acne). Within 3 DAYS I started to see results. My skin has just gotten better and better ever since. I got compliments all the time from close friends and family who see a MAJOR difference in my skin/complexion. This is truly the miracle cure I’ve been looking for my whole life. I love seeing what it does for my outside, but what’s it’s doing for me on the inside is even better. A quick overview of the main reasons I juice and will continue to:

Cancer preventive, replacement for breakfast so it keeps me full for a few hrs, cleans me out & gives me natural energy.

My favorite benefits for each shot would be:

Beet shot – cleans me out, good for liver, best for bloating

Bitter melon-makes me glow, good for complexion

Moringa- best source of protein, fills me up, replacement for veggies

Turmeric ginger – best for arthritis, energy, skin, etc…

Cold pressed juicing is a fast, easy, convenient and affordable way to give my body everything it needs to stay healthy.

Do the research, it speaks for itself!”

Christina Collandrea, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Noelle Stillwell Week 1 feedback:
“Hey! I just have to tell you that I have felt more energy today (did the beet and turmeric this AM) than I have in a really long time. It’s crazy! I literally got 2.5 hours sleep and I’m GOOD to go!”

Noel Stillwell Month 4 feedback:
“I have been taking cold pressed Unleash LIFE cold pressed shots for about 4 months now & they have been life changing for me. I have an autoimmune skin disease called hidradenitissuppurativa which causes cysts due to inflammation amongst other things. I talked personally with T about my situation & she recommended the Turmeric Ginger shots- after my FIRST day I was SO energized! And- I felt BETTER! flash forward a couple weeks later; I had skin surgery for my HS & again, talked to T about my needs at this point. She recommended the Bitter Melon cold pressed shots for me. I am now 3months post surgery & am about 95% healed which is WAY ahead of schedule per my dr. Bitter Melon has without a doubt helped aide in my skin healing so quickly! Thanks so much for the amazing cold presses & continued advice!”

Noelle Stillwell, Wilton Manor, FL
“UNLEASH LIFE delivers the freshest, most medicinal, highest potent raw juice in all of Florida. They are the only RAW JUICE DELIVERY service you’ll need for the rest of your healthy life. They even ship to my family in Colorado. My daughters ages 1 and 4 consume Unleash LIFE raw juice daily. All my personal clients are encouraged to speak with Tayana about their nutritional shortcomings. The future of personal health is raw, indeed! Charge hard!!!”

Josh Silk, Body builder & Owner of Rhino Strength, Margate, FL

I can’t say enough about these juices! I started drinking them about 2 1/2 years ago, and before then I was forever getting colds… being the owner of a preschool it was a constant battle! I can truly say that Unleash LIFE Turmeric Ginger shots helps to strengthen your immune system!!! I highly recommend this product! You too will be amazed by the results!!!”

Irene Meadows, Hollywood FL

“Unleash LIFE juices are an invigorating and energizing way to help achieve better health. Their recipes are spot on, and the juices really do provide a difference in energy! I use the juices to do a mini juice fast on some weeks, and they provide all my nourishment for the whole day! I always feel great after doing it, and that’s why I’ve continued to recommend these juices to clients, family members, and friends.”

Dr. Ashwin Mehta, Integrative Medicine Specialist at Pembroke Memorial Hospital in FL

“Walking daily is one of the things that I do to maintain good health. What goes in my body is also very important to me. Taste is important, but more important is how it affects my body. That’s why I subscribe to weekly delivery of Unleash Life Cold Pressed Juice. I’m working on the full Unleash Life experience, but so far my faves are Turmeric Ginger, Moringa, Beet Tonic and this week’s fave is Bitter Melen – and no, it’s not bitter. These juices make me feel good and are way more convenient than juicing myself – giving me way more time to do the things I want to do.Thank you Unleash Life!” –

Veronica Clark, Pembroke Pines FL

“We definitely are what we eat! Unleash LIFE makes natural juices with magnificent properties to rejuvenate. Every Monday my Unleash LIFE order arrives at my doorstep to delight me and take care of my body and health from the inside out! You can call and order it, and they make deliveries to Miami Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach!”

Carines Moncada, Journalist and Radio personality, Miami FL

We love our Unleash LIFE shots! We have been drinking these juices for over a year, and we can’t complain! We feel great and can’t remember the last time we got sick. We are always looking forward to our weekly delivery 😀”

John Dorry & Bill Barnish

“I started getting Unleash LIFE juice delivered to me weekly about three months ago. I started with the Turmeric Juice and drank one A day in the morning for about one month. The results were super surprising! I found that I didn’t need coffee or any caffeine throughout the day. The benefits went way beyond feeling super energized .I started seeing my skin look more radiant and bright. My digestive tract seemed to be working more regular. When everyone around me was getting sick my immune system kept me strong and protected me.

I call unleash life juice My juice doctors. Today I receive a mixture of juices And enjoy the benefits of each one individually.

A big plus is the super conveniency of having then delivered fresh ! The cost is the same if not less than going to the store or going through the mess of making my own juice.

AdiHadel- Olivkovitch, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I have to say that I have done juice cleanses before and Unleash LIFE is by far the best cold press juice company I have used, from customer service to taste. Highly recommend them for all your juicing needs.”

Karolin, co-owner of @salonnirvana954
“I’ve been on the turmeric shots for four weeks and it has changed my life. I had terrible digestive issues. Now, they’re gone. I can’t believe it. For years I’ve had issues. It really is incredible. I’m way more focused and clear. I’m telling you I wouldn’t have this stuff in my gym otherwise. As a gym owner, do you have any idea how many people I have calling me to sell their products in my gym? There is so much garbage out there. As you can see, I don’t sell much in my gym. But this, I believe in.”

Brian Herzig, Head Personal Trainer and Owner of Lighthouse Point Gym, Lighthouse Point, FL

“I love the taste of the Turmeric Ginger Shots, and more than anything, the boost that it gives me to start my day! I’m always running in the mornings, and it’s super convenient to just grab it and go. And let me tell you, within two days I already saw the benefits. I feel more energy and regular. I’m not a morning person, so you know I can appreciate the extra energy in the AM!”

Derkia Peralta, Miramar FL

” I started taking the turmeric ginger shots about a year ago. I’ve suffered many many years with severe menstrual cramps. I literally would have to sleep the first day of my cycle and now I don’t even know or have any warning signs to tell me my cycle is approaching. I have no more soreness or inflammation in my breast. Completely nothing. I’m now on my menstrual cramps and I’m actually very excited that I’m not moody and in pain. I will take that to Turmeric shots the rest of my life. Along with a beet shot every day for my liver and colon. The beet shot is really the best colon cleanser I’ve ever experienced.”

Michelle Charlebois, Pompano Beach, FL
“I look forward to drinking my Unleash LIFE juices every day. The Turmeric Ginger Shot gives me a great natural energy boost in the morning, helping me get pumped to train my athletes. Admittedly, I don’t eat enough vegetables so I drink a SUPER Green juice with my lunch & I love it! I truly feel better when I’m on my daily juice regimen. Thank you Unleash LIFE for delivering me a delicious, nutritious treat right to my doorstep!”

Matt Montroy, Personal Trainer and Founder of ApexStregnth Training, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I started drinking Unleash LIFE Green Life Juice and Tumeric& Ginger Shot daily two months ago. In that time I have noticed I am feeling more energetic, less bloated and all around stronger. I know it is a big part of my current weight loss regimen. I really look forward to having my Green Life every morning. Recently I traveled out of the country for 10 days and could not wait to have my juice when I got home. I know my body was craving it. Unleash LIFE has been a very positive part of my journey to fitness.”

Bari Wiggins, Owner of Top Notch Fitness, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I’ve never in my life have felt this good. I started Unleash LIFE Cold Pressed Juice over 2 years ago when i was diagnosed with breast cancer. You would think I would come out of my battle with cancer weak but shortly after I began juicing, I felt stronger and more energized than ever before. It has completely changed my life. I will never stop drinking Unleash LIFE Cold Pressed juice.” ❤️❤️

Marisol Faldorf- Pompano Beach, FL

“I have to tell you, I was feeling like crap this morning. My son woke up early and through the night and was a fussy baby. I took a turmeric and moringa shot and instantly felt better! Like a new woman.”

Christina Shea, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Unleash LIFE juices are an invigorating and energizing way to help achieve better health. I found these juice recipes to be nutritious and tasty. This is why I have recommended these juices to clients, family members, and friends.”

Dr. Ashwin Mehta, Integrative medicine at Pembroke Memorial Hospital of Oncology

“I have to say, I’m so glad I came across Unleash LIFE’s stand at the farmers market! The juice is amazing and the staff is so helpful and knowledgeable. The arugula juice gives me energy for my workouts and the turmeric seems to help with my soreness. I highly recommend the Turmeric Ginger shot for that afternoon jolt we all need. I drink it instead of my coffee. Unleash LIFE is a great company with superior customer service and an impeccable product!!”

Kristina Griggs, Boca Raton, Florida

“I have to tell you. I drank one and ran off to yoga today and not for one second was light headed! This stuff is amazing!”

Jessica Conness
Inflammation and Pain Management
“I got into Unleash LIFE cold-pressed juice because I am always looking for ways that can give me advantages in recovery and make my mind sharper. I found that drinking the juice does that for me and gives me that extra edge…”

“One of the biggest challenges of the season is overcoming injuries… the first few months of the season, everything is good, but then your body starts to hurt, and you get tired. I think this juice really helps combat that…I honestly just feel better all around when I am drinking it and can tell a difference in how I feel”

Kiko Alonso, NFL linebacker of the Miami dolphins

“One week back on the juice and feeling back to myself! Energy level back up, aches and pains going away. It really is life changing.”

Millie C, Lauderdale By the Sea FL

“I am very pleased with the results of this amazing supplement! I have been taking the Turmeric Ginger shots from Unleash LIFE for about 6 months. I drink them every morning and the Turmeric helps with my inflammation. I feel more energetic and I’ve noticed my body doesn’t ache as much after an intense training session. The shots are very tasty, and best part is that Unleash LIFE delivers my orders right to my door!”

Jana Greer, Miami, FL

“I have had a Turmeric Ginger shot every day for over a year. I usually have it right after a workout to help fight inflammation. I started the turmeric when I had some swelling in my knee. It worked so much better than just rest and ibuprofen! It’s been one of the healthiest things I have done for myself!”

Marcy Holfe, Fort Lauderdale

“I had been intrigued by juicing and was looking to cleanse. I tried Unleash LIFE’s Turmeric Ginger shot and I was hooked! I thought I would do it for 1 month, now it’s been 6 months and I can’t see myself stopping. I take one a day on an empty stomach and I can feel the anti-inflammatory benefits and the energy almost instantly! Their yummy juices and @planet_protein bars have become must-haves in my workout regiment!!!”

Laura Rivas, Miami FL

“After a recent surgical procedure, I needed to Unleash LIFE on the inflammation. Daily juicing that was customized to my needs definitely helped me get back on my feet to health and I’m truly grateful.” Glad to hear you’re back on track

Coach Tony Twymon, Fort Lauderdale

“Drinking my shot of Turmeric Ginger everyday has given me a better quality of life, mentally and physically. It has helped me with my anxiety and I notice I am not loosing my cool as often as I did. Not to mention it has helped with me with my inflammation. Best of all, my chiropractor has noticed that my adjustments have improved.”

Annemarie Gusmano, Pompano Beach, FL

“This juice amazes me. For months, I barely had any range of motion in my shoulder. Constant pain and inflammation. My wife convinced me to start doing a daily Unleash LIFE turmeric shot with her. I could not believe that within a week, I saw a significant decrease in pain and inflammation and had gained back complete normal range of motion. It’s really pretty unbelievable the difference that it made”

Mark Falldorf, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“My trainer recommended I try Unleash Life Tumeric Ginger as I had chronic joint pain from playing tennis. It has to be more than coincidence that I have had no pain in my shoulders, knees and elbows since I started a year ago.”

Nick Deseju, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“It’s amazing how great I feel since I have been consistently drinking your juices. The first time I traveled and my knees did not give me troule. I got up easily. I could not wait to get home and from my trip and drink your juice.”

Millie C., Lauderdale By the Sea, Florida

“After giving myself an ulcer from PRESCRIBED amounts of naproxen and Tylenol (yes as an RN I did this to myself!!) I’ve changed to turmeric pills, and now juice. Works better than those pills ever did, and makes me feeeeel better and healthier all around…..I’m sure my liver has been super happy these past few weeks. Can’t wait to see how much better it gets!!! #ThanksForMyLifeBack”

Erin Marie, Worcester, Massachusetts

“Thank you for the juice ! The turmeric ginger took some getting used to but I swear it’s like taking ibuprofen or aspirin in that the pain eases soon after drinking it. The relief lasts for a few hours too. Good stuff!”

Frank Hatmaker

“It’s like a super ibuprofen. Works faster. Laster longer. Since starting the turmeric ginger shots 3 months ago, I’ve had a 70% reduction in my pain level. I’ve only taken ibuprofen 9 times in the past 3 months. I used to take 3200mg a day everyday. It’s just absolutely incredible, I love it. Five minutes after drinking, I can tell a difference”

Andrea Parsons, Oakland Park, FL

“Just started taking the Turmeric Ginger shots about 3 weeks ago, and WOW what a difference. I’ve been working out consistently lifting for about 2.5 years, always work up a good sweat, getting gains. Never a dull workout, usually a nice amount of soreness (not bad pain) that if it was a really intense workout could last a few days. Since I started on daily shots of Turmeric Ginger I’ve noticed that even after really intense workouts, where I’m hitting PRs and continuous gains, I am nowhere near as sore as I usually would have been in the past. Would totally recommend to ANYONE. Not to mention the customer service is great, super knowledgeable, they are not just trying to sell you a juice. Unleash Life has the right juice for you, no question! I even started my mom on the Turmeric Ginger for all the health benefits associated with this blend.

Ana-Maria Alvarez, Aventura, Florida

I suffer from a condition called Menier’s disease. The condition’s symptoms are dizziness, unbalance, nausea, ringing in the ear, hearing loss, and vertigo. Since I have been drinking my “Miracle Juice” as I call it… the Turmeric Ginger shot… I have experienced a 100% improvement and my life has improved so much!!! I’m a very active person and I was living paranoid of having these episodes. I feel confident of my improvement and am so happy to be myself again!!!

Luz, Plantation, FL
Weight Loss
For me, it gives me a ton of increased energy. I drink one 13 OZ bottle a day and I absolutely love it. I’ve noticed weight loss without any effort or changing anything else in my routine.

Denise Moschetti, Cocoa Beach, FL

I drink a turmeric ginger shot a day and have for the past 9 months. One of the first things I noticed was a noticeable decrease in my appetite and increased energy. The other thing I have noticed is I used to have achey joints and onset of arthritis. Since I’ve started the turmeric ginger shots I no longer have any of those aches and pains.

Bob Magrane, Pompano, FL

I started taking the juices specifically driven on looking for an aid in weight loss and instead was dramatically surprised with all the amazing benefits from juicing. Three days into the program I literally felt healthier, cleaner, and had way more energy. After the second week I started noticing improved clarity. If I was thinking there was at all a placebo effect involved, I vanished all thoughts of that when I took a 2 week break from it due to traveling. It only took a couple of days for all those wonderful things to go away. I now crave my juice all the time. I my health goes way down if I can’t have my juice. My skin looks better, my waist is smaller and I’m a happier lady all thanks to Unleash LIFE.

Annemarie Macko, Owner and Master Stylist at Retro Red’s Beauty Salon in Fort Lauderdale, FL

“The first week is going amazing! In all honesty I’ve never done this before and I wanted to give it a try. I’m loving it so far it has been an amazing experience and I feel healthier than ever! All the flavors are great! Great Product! My routine of working out every day and the combination of my diet and water was great definitely feeling the difference.”

Rickey, Miami Beach, FL