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What Propelled Unleash LIFE Founders to Help Others Reach Their Full Potential

Tayana Carper will never forget her first pair of basketball shoes, which she wore out as a kid playing street ball at a park in Shrewsbury, Mass.

“They were white And1 sneakers with green soles and lining,” says Tayana, the founder and managing director of Unleash LIFE who goes by the letter “T.”

“Ever since, I’ve loved running fast down the court, passing the ball with my teammates, and hearing the swoosh of a dunk.”

As the small forward on the Division 1 basketball team at the College of Holy Cross, she continued to love the game. But after a decade of playing, her knees started to fail her. Staying up late to study for her psychology major, she felt malnourished and tired. At the same time, she struggled to find a cure for her red and painful cystic acne. “I hurt on the inside and outside.”

After three surgeries on her right knee and acne that continued well into adulthood, she decided about four years ago to try alternative medicines. At the recommendation of a good friend in 2014, she and her partner Kelly Magrane decided to visit an Indian herb store.

A simple purchase of three different ingredients – bitter melon, turmeric, and ginger – changed their lives.

Blending them with other natural ingredients in an inexpensive juicer, they each started to drink the concoctions a few times a day. Within a couple of weeks, T’s acne was drying up. At the time, she was recovering from her third knee surgery. Her doctor was surprised at how fast she was moving around, without painkillers or anti-inflammatories.

As for Kelly, she was on her way to back surgery when the couple started trying the natural juices. “After years of working at a desk job in corporate America, I had developed excruciating sciatic pain and could barely walk,” she said. “After three different consultations, each doctor recommended surgery as the only option but couldn’t guarantee a fix.”

Within weeks of drinking a turmeric-ginger combination, Kelly’s pain went completely away, as did the digestive problems troubling her for some 20 years. “Even my hair had new luster – I regained the curls from my childhood,” she says. “People said I looked radiant.”

Shortly thereafter, as a personal trainer at Intense Fitness in Oakland Park, T started to make juices for a couple of clients, using a growing list of superfoods and eastern herbs including moringa, wild blue green algae, beets, and arugula.

Feeling stronger and more energetic in a matter of weeks, her clients were able to do exercises they had never dared to attempt. One client with chronic pain saw his back and shoulder issues dissipating within months. With full mobility, he could handle more strenuous workouts, which in turn strengthened his once-aching muscles. As word spread, T and Kelly spent their nights making juices for clients and non-clients alike.

Their hobby becoming a business, they incorporated Unleash LIFE LLC in 2015 and leased a warehouse in Oakland Park.

In charge of Unleash LIFE’s operations, logistics and customer service, Kelly leverages her 30-year career at Hewlett Packard where she oversaw the global Customer Service Department in 12 languages. Under T and Kelly’s combined leadership, the company is scaling rapidly in the expanded warehouse. Earlier this summer, their company won the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Small Business Award for Health and Wellness.

T has just one regret: “If I had had such juices as a college student, I would have been flying!”

—As told to Sally-Ann O’Dowd, Unleash Life’s content director


Unleash Life: Healing You, Protecting the Planet

Our mission is to improve your life by making it as easy as possible to obtain optimal health in an ecofriendly way. For our efforts, the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce has named Unleash Life the 2018 Small Business of the Year in the Health and Wellness category.

We believe in the power of healing through food, hydration and Eastern medicine, which we bring to you in the form of cold-pressed, raw and organic juice. We are the one of the few South Florida companies to deliver raw cold pressed organic juices to doorsteps in Broward, West Palm Beach and Miami-Dade. We make our weekly bottle deliveries and pick-ups between Monday night and Tuesday morning. Committed to the planet’s health as well as yours, we sanitize and reuse all bottles to keep them from entering the waste stream.

Our 4-oz. shots and 13-oz. bottles ensure that you get your daily fruit-and-veggie requirements while the unique properties of our super foods and herbs help to address myriad ailments affecting the body and mind.

In the last three years, hundreds of customers have shared their stories of how Unleash LIFE has contributed to improved health, including critical measures such as lower blood pressure and total reduction of chronic pain. You can find testimonials here:https://unleashlifejuice.com/testimonials/

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