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Tayana Carper

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Co-Founder and CEO of What’s Juicin’

Tayana Carper, Co-Owner of What’s Juicin’, will never forget her first pair of basketball shoes, which she wore out as a kid playing street ball at a park in Shrewsbury, Mass.

“They were And 1 sneakers with green soles and lining,” says Tayana, the founder and managing director of What’s Juicin’, who goes by the letter “T.” “Ever since, I’ve loved running fast down the court, passing the ball with my teammates, and hearing the swoosh of the net.” As the small forward on the Division 1 basketball team at the College of holy Cross, she continued to love the game. But after a decade of playing, her knee started to fail her.

Staying up late to study for her psychology major, she felt malnourished and tired. At the same time, she struggled to find a cure for her red and painful cystic acne. “I hurt on the inside and outside.” After three surgeries on her right knee and acne that continued well into adulthood, she decided about six years ago to try alternative medicines. At the recommendation of a good friend in 2014, she and her partner Kelly Magrane decided to visit an Indian herb store.

How Tayana Started Juicing

A simple purchase of three different ingredients – bitter melon, turmeric, and ginger – changed their lives. Blending them with other natural ingredients in an inexpensive juicer, they each started to drink the concoctions a few times a day. Within a couple weeks, T’s acne was drying up. At the time, she was recovering from her third knee surgery. Her doctor was surprised at how fast she was moving around, without painkiller or anti-inflammatories.

T has just one regret: “If I had these juices as a college student, I would have been flying!”