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How Can Juicing Help With Weight Loss?

Juicing and Weight loss

How Can Juicing Help With Weight Loss?

Consuming raw, cold-pressed organic juices is a practice that provides countless benefits to your body and all its systems. Many people juice in order to get the nutrients they need. Others use juice cleanses to detox their body after a period of unhealthy eating. Some consume juice regularly to cut calories. Juicing is beneficial for all these purposes, and it is also a great way to help with your weight loss journey. Juicing alone is not a long-term solution for weight loss, but when used in combination with exercise and healthy eating, juicing can positively contribute to weight loss and weight maintenance.

Juicing to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Journey

A juice cleanse is a delicious and highly effective way to begin your weight loss efforts. A juice cleanse that lasts from 3-5 days will set you up for success in many ways. First, by drinking only high-quality, raw, organic, cold-pressed juices like we serve at What’s Juicin’, you’ll be giving your digestive system a break from all the processed, fatty foods that it has to break down on a daily basis. This “cleansing” of your system prepares it for greater absorption of the nutrients from the juices and the nutritious foods you’ll eat after your cleanse.

Secondly, the number of calories you’ll consume while completing your cleanse is considerably less than the amount of calories you’d take in during a normal day of eating, and the calorie deficit over a span of 3-5 days can result in significant weight loss. Additionally, a juice cleanse dramatically reduces the amount of water weight you’re carrying, leaving you feeling lighter and less bloated with visible results. When you finish the cleanse, you’ll already be on the right track to continue shedding pounds.

Juicing to Manage Weight

There are several keys to maintaining weight loss, and continuing to incorporate raw, cold-pressed, organic juices into your diet is one of them. Drinking a glass or two of cold-pressed juice as a meal replacement on a regular basis is a great way to cut calories and feed your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to function at the highest level. Incorporating juicing with routine exercise, nutritious meals made from whole foods, and regular self-care is a wonderful and effective way to help maintain weight loss and continue your journey with all the energy you need.

If you’re thinking about starting a weight loss journey with a juice cleanse, What’s Juicin’ offers only the highest quality cold-pressed juices. Our Weight Loss trio or our traditional Cleanse are great options to choose from. Visit our Cleanse page for more selections and information about our amazing products.


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