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Reasons to Ditch Sugar

Reasons to Ditch Sugar


Reasons to Ditch Sugar

Why Avoid Added Sugar?

Sugar is everywhere we turn. Not only is it in sweet treats and drinks, it is often hidden in less obvious foods like pasta, bread, and salad dressings. Unfortunately, there are no nutritional benefits of eating sugar. In fact, consumption of sugar is directly related to obesity, chronic inflammation, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Sugar is an addictive ingredient in many of the foods we eat, and cutting it out of our diets can be very difficult, but here are some reasons to ditch added sugars and opt for foods that are naturally sweet and low in sugar:

1. Added Sugars Lead to Weight Gain

Foods that have natural sugars, like fruits and cheese, have nutritional benefits and provide energy that our bodies need and use. Unlike natural sugars, added sugars are empty calories that the body doesn’t use. Extra sugar is immediately turned into glucose and stored as fat in the body. When we consume foods with high amounts of added sugar, we end up feeling less satisfied and sluggish, and we become hungry much sooner than if we’d eaten something with nutritional value. As a result of all of these factors, we end up eating more food, consuming more calories than we need, and ultimately, gaining weight.

2. Decreased Inflammation

As delicious as some sugary sweets and drinks are, the fact is that added sugars are directly related to inflammatory diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, and they increase the likelihood of headaches, chronic pain, and food allergies. When we cut out sugar, we can expect a significant decrease in joint, muscle, and nerve pain, and we can be sure that we’re protecting ourselves from diseases that prematurely detract from quality of life.

3. Disease Prevention and Improved Mental Health

Those who eat a diet high in added sugar put themselves at a greater risk of several serious diseases. Diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, and high blood pressure are all health issues that are connected to the overconsumption of calories from added sugars. When sugar intake is reduced, the likelihood of developing these diseases significantly decreases.

Additionally, the consumption of added sugar leads to greater mood shifts, increases the effects of depression, anxiety, and stress, and leads to overall mental fatigue. A reduction in dietary sugar has been shown to improve mood, stabilize emotions, and lead to mental clarity.

It isn’t surprising that the presence of added sugar can have such a tremendous effect on our health. It isn’t a naturally occurring substance in many of the foods we eat, and our bodies can only handle so much of it before it begins to be a detriment. That’s why at What’s Juicin’, our raw, organic, cold-pressed juices are always flavored with fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar, with no added sugars. We want our products to enhance your life, health, and mind! Check out our extensive menu of delicious, healthy juices and supplements to fuel your journey.

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