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True Cost of Cold-Pressed Juice


True Cost of Cold-Pressed Juice

Why are Cold-Pressed, Organic juices higher priced than any other Juice?

You’ve probably heard a lot of information about raw juices and how much they can contribute to your overall health. Maybe you have friends or family who have begun juicing and rave about how wonderful they feel because of it. Perhaps you’ve done some of your own research and have decided juicing would be worth the try. But then you see the cost, and you wonder how a 13 oz. bottle of juice could possibly cost $10 or more. There are many factors that play into the cost of raw, cold-pressed, organic juices, and once you understand what goes into producing these delicious, nutrient-rich concoctions, the price will make much more sense.

Produce Cost

Most juicing businesses use organically grown produce and ingredients to make their products. Using organic ingredients is extremely important because these crops are not grown using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or GMOs, all harmful substances that make their way into our system when we consume inorganic foods. Organically grown produce takes more time to mature and yields 15-20% less crop when compared to crops grown using conventional farming techniques. For these reasons, organic produce is more expensive than inorganic, which explains the first factor in the cost of cold-pressed, organic juice.

In addition to the higher cost of organic ingredients, the amount of produce that it takes to make one 13 oz. bottle of juice is incredible. For example, a pound of pineapple produces only about 5 oz. of juice, while 3 stalks of celery yields about 1 oz. of juice. Juicing 1 pound of spinach or limes will result in about 5 oz., and a pound of melon or beets makes 6-8 oz. of liquid. So, depending on the mix of produce, each bottle of cold-pressed juice will contain about 3-4 pounds of produce. To illustrate, if you wanted to make a 13-16 oz. serving of organic carrot- apple-spinach juice, you’d pay nearly $8.50 for the produce alone, and that doesn’t account for the time it would take to wash, peel, and juice that produce, which leads to the next factor: labor.


When you buy cold-pressed, organic juice, it comes nice and cold, ready for consumption. But someone had to do quite a bit of work to get that drink to its final state. The cold-press juicing process, and really any juicing process, requires labor. First, you must wash, peel, trim, and chop the ingredients so that they’re clean and ready to fit into the opening of the grinder. After being processed in the grinder, the product is then pressed between two plates for 1.5-4 minutes to extract all possible juices while leaving skin, seeds, and pulp behind. Then, there is the clean-up process that must occur before a new batch of juice can be made. When you step into the store and purchase a bottle of juice, consider that someone has done all the hard work for you, and this convenience comes at a price. So how does this juice come out so smooth and tasty? That’s the third factor in the cost of cold-pressed, organic juice.

Cold-Press Machinery

The machines used to achieve the smooth texture and delicious taste of cold-pressed juice are highly efficient and incredibly expensive. In fact, cold-press juicers are almost solely designed for and used by businesses and commercial manufacturers. If you were to purchase a high-quality cold-press juicer for home use, you’d be looking at spending over $2,000. Cold-press juicers that are used by juicing business can cost between $20,000-$30,000. These commercial machines produce large quantities of juice in one cycle and virtually eliminate any chance for the juice to oxidize. This allows the juices to retain the highest possible amount of nutrients while extending their shelf life, both of which are of great importance to the consumer.

Invest in the Best, Local Cold-Pressed Juice-

It’s clear that the cost of a bottle of raw, organic, cold-pressed juice is quite justified when you consider all of the components that go into the process. And if you’re serious about juicing and benefiting from all its positive effects on your health, then the cost shouldn’t prohibit you. At What’s Juicin’ we use top-of-the-line commercial hydraulic cold-press machines to place the very best tasting, nutritious, and smooth organic juices in your hands. An added benefit of choosing our juices is that you never have to drive to the store to buy it. We ship our bottled juices straight to your door, packed in coolers, so that quality is never compromised. Try What’s Juicin’s products and taste the difference!



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